TC1000 | TC3 ADS

The Automation Device Specification (ADS) is the communication protocol of TwinCAT. It enables the data exchange and the control of TwinCAT systems. ADS is media-independent and can communicate via serial or network connections.


ADS enables:


Libraries and runtime components are provided for common programming languages (including .NET, C/C++, Delphi and Java). In addition, interfaces are provided for communication with third-party software (e.g. MATLAB®, NI LabVIEW™, Office). The ADS web services enable the development of device-independent web applications (HTML5, WCF).

The message router manages multiple connections and efficiently distributes the messages. The data packets can be recorded via the ADS monitor using the integrated diagnostic interface.

The free TC3 ADS supplies the basic components required in order to communicate with TwinCAT systems. The setup can be integrated in your own installation routines.

Technical data TC1000
Operating system Windows 7|Windows 10|Windows CE|TwinCAT/BSD
Ordering information
TC1000-0v10 TC3 ADS, platform 10 (Basic)
TC1000-0v20 TC3 ADS, platform 20 (Economy)
TC1000-0v30 TC3 ADS, platform 30 (Economy Plus)
TC1000-0v40 TC3 ADS, platform 40 (Performance)
TC1000-0v50 TC3 ADS, platform 50 (Performance Plus)
TC1000-0v60 TC3 ADS, platform 60 (Mid Performance)
TC1000-0v70 TC3 ADS, platform 70 (High Performance)
TC1000-0v80 TC3 ADS, platform 80 (Very High Performance)
TC1000-0v81 TC3 ADS, platform 81 (Many-core 5…8 Cores)
TC1000-0v82 TC3 ADS, platform 82 (Many-core 9…16 Cores)
TC1000-0v83 TC3 ADS, platform 83 (Many-core 17…32 Cores)
TC1000-0v84 TC3 ADS, platform 84 (Many-core 33…64 Cores)
TC1000-0v90 TC3 ADS, platform 90 (Other)
TC1000-0v91 TC3 ADS, platform 91 (Other 5…8 Cores)
TC1000-0v92 TC3 ADS, platform 92 (Other 9…16 Cores)
TC1000-0v93 TC3 ADS, platform 93 (Other 17…32 Cores)
TC1000-0v94 TC3 ADS, platform 94 (Other 33…64 Cores)