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Maximum transparency for wind turbines: with PC-based Control from Beckhoff

In keeping with the motto of “Wind is our thing!”, Husum Wind remained unharmed even in the face of the gale-force winds that swept over the exhibition grounds on the second day of the show. Dirk Kordtomeikel, Business Manager Wind Energy at Beckhoff, is also very satisfied with the results of the show: “Even if Husum Wind – as a pioneer in the field of wind energy – no longer has the international impact to the outside world it once had, we still regard it as the No. 1 meeting place for technology experts from the wind industry. The interested inquiries we received at our show booth on the integration of measurement technology and condition monitoring in the control systems of wind turbines confirm that we have hit the nail on the head regarding future developments as far as this topic is concerned. The market for regenerative energies can only grow on the basis of reliable data analysis and diagnostics to ensure the availability of the systems.”

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16.09.17 | Solutions Wind Turbines
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